Just imagine sitting near a lake and viewing the mesmerizing sunset, isn’t it look magical. Yes, the beauty seems to be unreal. This type of moments can only be capture in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand named Nainital. The place is undoubtedly the most visited hill station in the country. Fascinated by the charisma of Himalayas, each side of Nainital is covered by some of the amazing things that are not easily seen in cities.

Here we have something to share with you that will make you jump out of the bed, pack your bags and come to the lake city Nainital. In this heavenly destination, there are list of things that you must experience. Starting from some breath taking treks to local shopping, sightseeing to lake visits. There are multiple things that can attract you towards Nainital.

Adventurous Activities to do in Nainital

Wall Climbing:

Once in a while you should try wall climbing that can be done in Jim Corbett National Park. Try to climb the horizontal looking wall, doing this you will definitely go through fear and have fun at the same time.

Wall Rappelling:

Basically, it is a technical activity, in this you have to limb a descending rock without taking any help. Most of the people fail in climbing, do you also want to try? Then come with us and have fun in Jim Corbett National Park.

Zip Line:

It consists of a pulley that is attached to the end of the cable that is made of stainless steel and you just have to slide from the top to bottom of the cable with the help of moveable pulley.

Commando & Type Net:

From the word commando you have understood that it has something related with the army activity. Yes you are right, in this there is a net that is usually used by the army officers. By this you can feel the emotions of army officers who climb this difficult net with full motivation.

Water Roller:

Oh!!! What fun is it to do, truly if you want to recreate some childhood moments then this should be your go to option. In this you have to try to walk from inside a inflated tube that would be kept in the water. It is safe and has lot of fun with it you can judge you balancing abilities.

Bull Ride:

A rodeo bull is a machinery item that works with a motor, basically you have to sit over the bull and you have to control your balance so that you can keep sitting on it. You might be thinking why we should control while sitting on it, it is so easy. Let us tell you the bull will rotate in clockwise and anticlockwise direction with full force. For safety padded flooring is installed around it.

Kids Paddle Boat:

These boats are basically for kids and are made of plastic. Jim Corbett National Park has many rides for both children and adults.

8 Obstacle Course:

In this you have to go through from eight obstacles that will test your ability of handling these challenges.

Free Fall:

This activity is performed under the guidance of experts, you will be geared up with the safety harness on a certain height balanced through a cord.

Bungee Trampoline:

Again this is for the kids, the participant has to jump in the air with the help of bungee or elastic cords that will be attached to a motor. The kids should be aged between 7 to 15. It is the most thrilling and adventurous game for the kids.

These all are the adventures that will make you memorize your time when you were a kid.



Family Tour

  • rawing Room

    Is there anything that is cozier than sitting in a fluffy sofa at a warm cottage? Being a dedicated cottage provider, we think not. With 4 spacious sofas, wide screen LED TV, windows with passing winds, lavish furniture and colorful curtains are perfect for curling up with a cup of tea.

    Our Living room has a beautiful touch of Nainital that justifies the eternal beauty of the place. Here you can crack jokes and spend some precious time with your loved one in such a comfortable space.

  • ed Room

    A narrow corridor leads to your private rooms. Our cottage has two big spacious bed rooms including a large size bed, a dressing room, a balcony cum sleeping space and three bathrooms. This entire setup gives you a perfect place to stay overnight.

    Everything is designed in such a way that a big family or a bunch of friends can easily adjust happily in our place. You will different place for different activity.

  • ining Room

    Well chosen cottage can provide you numerous advantages and can fulfill your demands with full dedication. Our sweet an simple dining room will bring your family together at the same table.

    Your expectation is our presentation. We have kept our dining area very simple and elegant. There is nothing that will make your get together dull.

  • arden

    We believe that there is no use of a cottage if it doesn’t have greenery around it. Our cottage is full of greens, we have a garden area where you can spend some time, listening to the chirping of birds and acknowledging the beauty of different flowers and plants that we have planted.

    We have maintained the garden so beautifully that you will bound to spend some quality time with yourself in the garden.

  • athroom

    Bathroom should be kept neat and clean. Yes, we also support this theory, we have implemented it as our first prioritized thing. For keeping our guests healthy we have kept neat and simple.

    You will find everything that is needed to get cleaned in the bathroom. Starting from soap to shampoo, shower to a toilet bowl. Everything is there to give your relaxing bath.

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