Most Fascinating Places to Visit In Nainital

Most Fascinating Places to Visit In Nainital

Renowned as the Lake District of India, Nainital is the most visited tourist destination of India that attracts large number of foreign as well as domestic tourists every year. It is popular for its astounding scenic mountain views. Located at the height of 1938 m, Nainital gets its name from Naini Lake. The topmost point is China Peak or Naini Peak, with an altitude of 2,615 m.

Nainital comprises of several beautiful places that give you the introduction about this place in many ways such tradition, culture, type of food and so on. Hence, this place is a complete paradise that you cannot afford to miss.

Here is the list of 30 most fascinating places to visit in Nainital

Eco Cave Gardens

Popular for its hanging gardens, inter connected rocky caves and the musical fountain, the Eco Garden are a collection of small caves in the form of several animals. In the evenings, you can view the sight of the musical fountain with many audio video effects.

Naini lake

Located in the mid of the township of Nainital, Naini Lake is a mesmerizing natural fresh body lake. The lake is in semi-circular or kidney shape and is among the popular lakes of the Kumaon region. Surrounded by Tiffin Point on the South West, Naini Peak on North West, and snow-capped peaks on the north, the lake provides with a spectacular view, particularly amid sunrise and sunset.

Naina Devi Temple

Renowned and valued as among the fifty-one Shakti Peeths that are situated around India, the Naina Devi Temple is a sacred site that is located on the northern shore of Naini Lake, in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, India. This temple is among the very famous places of Hindu worship across the country.

The Mall Road

The Mall Road of Nainital, which runs parallel to the Naini Lake, interfacing the two ends of the hill town, is the major food, shopping, and cultural centre of the wonder that is Nainital. No matter it is diving into some delicious food or shopping for the cutest local woolens that are to be searched, Mall Road is your go-to for everything.

Snow View Point

Snow View Point in Nainital remains at a dizzying elevation of 2270 meters above ocean level and is passing on, among the most alluring tourist places of the area. As the name recommends, Snow View Point offers an all encompassing view of the strong Himalayas covered in a blanket of milk-white snow. Encompassed in cotton clouds, the peaks of these mountains ranges slice the sky and are illuminated with shafts of sun rays that make the snow shimmer with delight.

Tiffin Top

Situated in Ayarpatta Hill of Himachal Pradesh, Tiffin Top is an exceptionally well known vacation spot in Nainital. An awesome picnic spot in its own right, one gets a whole view of the town of Nainital and its encompassing hills in the Kumaon district from this area. Its tranquil and quiet environment makes it enticing to the photographers. The individuals who love nature's beauty must not miss out on this excursion spot. Adventure activities, for example, rappelling and rock climbing are led in Tiffin Top too.

Naina Peak

Also known as China Peak, this range situated at an elevation of 2615 m is a challenging trek. The route up the slope is specked with lovely rhododendron bloom. From the top you can see the Tibet Border and Nanda Devi Peak.


Renowned as the Gateway to Naini Lake,Jeolikot is a an immaculate hill station filled with colors, life, and butterflies. It is popular for its butterfly population alongside its floriculture. In the mid of alarming neighbors such as Mukhteshwar, Nainital, and Jim Corbett National Park, Jeolikot stays intact by every one of the tourist rush that come around it.

Neem Karoli Baba Ashram, Nainital Overview

The Neem Karoli Baba Ashram is a picturesque small ashram that is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttaranchal. Located at the height of 1400 metres above the sea level, this contemporary pilgrim centre has been constructed in devotion to Shri Neem Karoli Baba Maharaj Ji, a saint who is famous not just around the country but instead across the world.

Land’s End

Situated nearby Khurpa Tal and gigantic stretches of plains, the Land’s End 4km off the major town is dotted with pretty little villages as well as lush greenery. You can take a horse, pony or taxi from the city.


Situated only 15 kilometers away from Nainital; Pangot, nestled in the Kosiyakutoli tehsil of the Nainital district of Uttarakhand is a little and quaint village. The hamlet is at the elevation of 6,300 feet above the sea level and is popular around the nation for its affluent and exotic bird life and plenty in other natural treasures.

Governor’s House

Abode to the well-known golf course, the Governor's House is a Victorian Gothic structure built in 1899 by designer F.W. Steven. It looks like the Castle of Scotland very closely and comprises of two stories of buildings with 113 rooms, swimming pool, garden, and obviously, the golf-course.

High Altitude Zoo

Set up in 1984, Pt. G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo or Nainital Zoo is located on the Sher ka Danda hill in Tallital, Nainital. Settled at an elevation of 2100 metres and cover an area of 4.6 hectares makes it the just unique. The zoo is abode to many endangered species as well as famous tourist spot.

Hanuman Garhi, Nainital

Nestled atop 6,401 ft. high, the temple was constructed by a local saint Baba Neem Karoli in 1950 and is situated close to Ashram of Shitla Devi temple and Bapu Lila Sah. Additionally, it provides with a beautiful vista of dawn and dusk.

Nainital Ropeway

The Cable Car Ride or Nainital Ropeway is the very famous tourist attraction in the city of Nainital. The ropeway links Mallital to the Snow View Point- from the base to an elevation of 2270 metres. The aerial trip hovering over the valley and Naini Lake provides with panoramic views of the awesome landscape.

Kainchi Dham

Kainchi Dham Ashram was set in 1962 by Maharaja Neem Karoli Baba. Nestled at the altitude of 1400 metres, the ashram likewise has an adjoining Hanuman Mandir. The temple as well as the ashram is visited by many people specifically on the 15th of June when an sophisticated bhandara is happned. Reportedly, 1 lac individuals ate in the bhandara.

Tibetan Market

Shopaholic who likes to purchase various kinds of products they can visit the Tibetan Market. It is located in the vicinity of the Mall Road in Nainital. If you think that what you are going to purchase in Tibetan market, then at this place you can purchase an extensive variety of woolens and winter wears.

Khurpa Taal

It’s a beautiful lake in Nainital perfect for those people who love to relish in the midst of nature with their beloved ones. It is situated at an elevation of 5500 feet. If you visit this place then you get an opportunity to observe the tall trees, the lake is considered ideal for fishing owing to its crystal clear waters and abundance of freshwater fish.

Sariya Tal

It’s an artificial lake constructed as a tourist spot. This tiny lake has numerous activities to the vacationers like paddle boating and water sports. This place is famous for Himalayan botanical garden, which is a research centre other than being a herbarium and butterfly park.

Gurney House

Visit this house with your beloved ones to observe the greenery, at this place old-fashioned little nursery provides amazing effect on your mind with a variety of shrubberies and plants.

St John Wilderness Church

This ancient church is one of the best churches in Nainital. Perched atop a hill amidst beautiful pine and deodar trees, the church is constructed in Neo-Gothic style of architecture. Number of foreign visitors comes to this place for enjoying their holidays and burns the candle for pray.


It is a small village panchayat near Nainital in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand.


It is a famous place of great historical significance and houses splendid temples. The main attraction of this place is the myriad flora and fauna which makes the place look greener surrounding for the tourist.

Astronomical Observatory

This place is perched on top of the Manora Peak in Beluwakhan, Nainital. You see the stars, celestial bodies, the moon and other heavenly bodies with the help of high powered, imported telescopes. The centre requires you to make prior appointment before visiting the place.

Himalayan View Point

Honeymooners visit this enchanting place with your beloved ones. It is 5 km off Nainital, this locale offers views of the Himalayan Mountains and is located at 2300 m high.

These are the places that visitors visit in Nainital with their family members. If you are coming to the Nainital with your family members, then it’s advisable please visit the above place to be the witness of the green surroundings that make you feel stress free.



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